About Us

About MLP Enterprises, Inc.

MLP Enterprises, Inc. was incorporated in 1998 and is a woman-owned S Chapter company in Maryland.  While our business is based in Maryland, our customers extend to the Tidewater, Virginia and Delaware area.  Our primary mission has been Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning service and repair, we have become specialized in the area of Indoor Air Quality and Energy Conservation through specialized training. What makes MLP Enterprises, Inc. different?  Our staff has the training, equipment and tools needed to find out why a problem has occurred.  We treat the problem, not just the symptom.

We are specialists in Air Duct Cleaning, following the NADCA Standards (members in good standing),  Mold and Odor Removal and Mold Remediation following EPA Guidelines.  We work closely with Environmentalists and Industrial Hygienists for mold remediation.  Our customers include insurance companies, property management companies, grocery and retail chains and concerned homeowners.

Below is a list of services that we offer to both residential and commercial customers.

  1. Licensed HVAC Master Contractor – Maryland
  2. Duct Cleaning
  3. Coil Cleaning
  4. Mold/Odor removal
  5. Whole house efficiency testing “blower door test”
  6. Infrared Camera testing for efficiency
  7. Detection of water leaks under slab, walls, floors or other hidden areas
  8. Energy use reduction
  9. Duct work inspection (1ADP ASHRAE)

We are looking forward to serving you.

Marylou Barkman, Owner/President